Learn Web Development HTML CSS

Learn Web Development HTML CSS

Web design

Standards/ CurriculumFormat
Web Design

Course Duration: Three Months

Web design   :  Course Fee 8,500/-
Course Objectives:

a. This course is specially designed to provide technical knowledge and skills to cope with the requirement of jr. software engineer occupations of the IT sector. The course will be implemented to ensure at least 80% of total contact hours on practical/hands on skills training or practice and 20% trade/ occupations related theoryincluding OHS and soft modules;
b. The course is designed to enable trainees to acquire a range of technical and vocational, practical, personal and organizational skills valued and utilized both within and beyond the workplace;
c. The course is designed to meet the required competencies of the occupations needed in the labor market in and outside the country;

Name of the Course
Duration of Course Entry Qualification
Web Design Three (3) daysper week.
3.5 Hours per day. Education = Minimum H.S.C
or equivalent and Must
have good Web knowledge.

Module 1: Working on HTML5
SL No Unit Code Unit of Competency Title
1. WD-M1-GC-01 Why is HTML5 important?
2. WD-M1-GC-02 Exploring an HTML5 document
3. WD-M1-GC-03 Understanding HTML5 and The Web
4. WD-M1-GC-04 Understanding HTML5 Document Structure
5. WD-M1-GC-05 What is Online Resources?
6. WD-M1-GC-06 Understanding HTML5 tags
7. WD-M1-GC-07 Understanding Forms
8. WD-M1-GC-08 Understanding web Canvas, Audio, Flash file, and video delivery Challenges
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory)-Compulsory
9. WD-M1-SK-01 Formatting content
10. WD-M1-SK-02 Displaying images
11. WD-M1-SK-03 Using nav, article, and div elements
12. WD-M1-SK-04 Creating lists
13. WD-M1-SK-05 Working with Forms
14. WD-M1-SK-06 Controlling styling (fonts, colors, and more)
15. WD-M1-SK-07 Using the Canvas, Audio, Flash file, and video tag
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)-Compulsory
16. WD-M1-SS-01 Writing basic tags
17. WD-M1-SS-02 Linking to pages and downloadable content
18. WD-M1-SS-03 Setting up the core files for your app
19. WD-M1-SS-04 Displaying web Forms
20. WD-M1-SS-05 Working with multiple formats
21. WD-M1-SS-06 Setting up autoplay
22. WD-M1-SS-07 Creating Canvas, Audio, Flash file, and videos

Module 2: Working on CSS3
SL No Unit Code Unit of Competency Title
1. WD-M2-GC-01 Introducing CSS3
2. WD-M2-GC-02 Exploring browser compatibility
3. WD-M2-GC-03 Understanding borders and backgrounds
4. WD-M2-GC-04 Understanding Positioning
5. WD-M2-GC-05 Understanding basic selector types
6. WD-M2-GC-06 Understanding definition lists
7. WD-M2-GC-07 Indicating current pages
8. WD-M2-GC-08 Reviewing the box model
9. WD-M2-GC-09 Defining column spacing
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory)-Compulsory
10. WD-M2-SK-01 Exploring CSS specification.
11. WD-M2-SK-02 Adding borders and backgrounds.
12. WD-M2-SK-03 Positioning with CSS3.
13. WD-M2-SK-04 Adding labels and basic usability features.
14. WD-M2-SK-05 Adding custom number characters to lists.
15. WD-M2-SK-06 Integrating CSS3 with HTML5.
16. WD-M2-SK-07 Styling nested lists.
17. WD-M2-SK-08 Highlighting table content.
18. WD-M2-SK-09 Working with multi-column text.
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)-Compulsory
19. WD-M2-SS-01 Testing web pages in various browsers
20. WD-M2-SS-02 Styling the background
21. WD-M2-SS-03 Exploring basic layout concepts
22. WD-M2-SS-04 Setting up the HTML5 structure
23. WD-M2-SS-05 Organizing menus with lists
24. WD-M2-SS-06 Generating Styling via the web
25. WD-M2-SS-07 Building dropdown menus
26. WD-M2-SS-08 Creating grid-based assets and layouts

Module 3: Graphics Design Aesthetics
SL No Unit Code Unit of Competency Title
1. WD-M3-GC-01 Understanding the elements of design
2. WD-M3-GC-02 Understanding the principles of design
3. WD-M3-GC-03 Designing for screens
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory)-Compulsory
4. WD-M3-SK-01 Using contrast to set areas of interest
5. WD-M3-SK-02 Coloring web graphics
6. WD-M3-SK-03 Creating wireframes on a grid, Styling text
7. WD-M3-SK-04 Creating image (logo, banner) sprites
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)-Compulsory
8. WD-M3-SS-01 Customizing a web workspace
9. WD-M3-SS-02 Decoding the mysteries behind screen size and resolution
10. WD-M3-SS-03 Optimizing images as JPEG, GIF, or PNG files
11. WD-M3-SS-04 Using image (logo, banner) in websites

Module 4:JavaScript&JQuery
SL No Unit Code Unit of Competency Title
1. WD-M4-GC-01 What is JavaScript?
2. WD-M4-GC-02 What are functions?
3. WD-M4-GC-03 Understanding variable scope
4. WD-M4-GC-04 Understanding call-and-apply invocation
5. WD-M4-GC-05 Understanding hosting and variable scope
6. WD-M4-GC-06 Understanding event registration and propagation
7. WD-M4-GC-07 Understanding jQuery statement chaining
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory)-Compulsory
8. WD-M4-SK-01 Adding interactivity to your site
9. WD-M4-SK-02 Getting the values from form fields
10. WD-M4-SK-03 Working with objects and arrays
11. WD-M4-SK-04 Using operators and control structures
12. WD-M4-SK-05 Using functions as objects
13. WD-M4-SK-06 Using the arguments parameter
14. WD-M4-SK-07 Creating and removing DOM elements with events
15. WD-M4-SK-08 Constructing jQuery selectors and filters to gather information from web pages
16. WD-M4-SK-09 Working with jQuery effects, such as showing, hiding, and fading page elements
17. WD-M4-SK-10 Creating the tooltip container
18. WD-M4-SK-11 Saving web graphics from Photoshop
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)-Compulsory
19 WD-M4-SS-01 Writing and debugging JavaScript
20 WD-M4-SS-02 Iterating with loops
21 WD-M4-SS-03 Objects, references, and functions
22 WD-M4-SS-04 Using user input in calculations
23 WD-M4-SS-05 Creating navigation tabs with JavaScript

24 WD-M4-SS-06 Chaining module method calls
25 WD-M4-SS-07 Creating, inserting, and manipulating web page content
26 WD-M4-SS-08 Using the jQuery UI plug-in to give pages a polished look
27 WD-M4-SS-09 Adding the jQuery $(document).ready() and mouse events
28 WD-M4-SS-10 Attaching the tip container to the mouse

Module 5: Bootstrap -a sleek, intuitive, and powerful Framework
SL No Unit Code Unit of Competency Title
1 WD-M5-GC-01 Understanding The Bootstrap Framework
2 WD-M5-GC-02 Understanding the Bootstrap file structure
3 WD-M5-GC-03 Setting up your working environment
4 WD-M5-GC-04 Exploring the 12-column grid
5 WD-M5-GC-05 Prototyping the site
6 WD-M5-GC-06 Working with a local web server
7 WD-M5-GC-07 Understanding the difference between default and fluid grids
8 WD-M5-GC-08 Using tabs and pills navigation
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory)-Compulsory
9 WD-M5-SK-01 Downloading and installing Bootstrap
10 WD-M5-SK-02 Changing column width and order
11 WD-M5-SK-03 Styling buttons, images, and tables
12 WD-M5-SK-04 Scaffolding the main columns
13 WD-M5-SK-05 Nesting with fluid grids
14 WD-M5-SK-06 Adding basic navigation
15 WD-M5-SK-07 Planning the thumbnail gallery
16 WD-M5-SK-08 Creating modal windows
17 WD-M5-SK-09 Linking images and adding captions
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)-Compulsory
18 WD-M5-SS-01 Overriding core CSS
19 WD-M5-SS-02 Working with buttons
20 WD-M5-SS-03 Creating and activating tabs
21 WD-M5-SS-04 Creating a thumbnail gallery
22 WD-M5-SS-05 Adding block quotes and lists of text
23 WD-M5-SS-06 Incorporating images and icons
24 WD-M5-SS-07 Adding JavaScript effects, like dropdown menus, tabs, accordions, and more
25 WD-M5-SS-08 Creating an image carousel
26 WD-M5-SS-09 Changing the carousel rotation
27 WD-M5-SS-10 Laying out and styling a contact form

Module 6: Software Project management & project work
SL No Unit Code Unit of Competency Title
1 WD-M6-GC-01 Key principles of Iterative Development Process
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory)-Compulsory
2 WD-M6-SK-01 Understand iteration and release of a project
3 WD-M6-SK-02 Understand user story
4 WD-M6-SK-03 Estimate a story
5 WD-M6-SK-04 Understand the essence of gantt chart
6 WD-M6-SK-05 Familiarize with Microsoft Project Management Tools.
7 WD-M6-SK-06 Define user stories of your project work
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)-Compulsory
8 WD-M6-SS-01 Create project in Microsoft Project Management tools
9 WD-M6-SS-02 Create gantt chart in Microsoft Project Management Tools
10 WD-M6-SS-03 Assign group members
11 WD-M6-SS-04 Work with project stories
12 WD-M6-SS-05 Group project presentation



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