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This Training is jointly organzied by BITM & People N Tech
Training will be held in People N Tech
Course Layout for Graphics Design and Freelancing

Total Hours: 60 Hours

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Adobe Illustrator

1. Getting To Know The Work Area

2. Techniques For Selecting Artwork

3. Using Shapes To Create Artwork

4. Editing And Combining Shapes And Paths

5. Transforming Artwork

6. Creating An Illustration With The Drawing Tools

7. Using Color To Enhance Signage

8. Adding Type

9. Organizing Your Artwork With Layers

10. Gradients, Blends, And Patterns

11. Using Brushes

12. Exploring Creative Uses Of Effects And Graphic Styles

13. Using Illustrator Cc With Other Adobe Applications

15 Hours


Adobe Photoshop

1. Getting To Know The Work Area

2. Basic Photo Corrections

3. Working With Selections

4. Layer Basics

5. Quick Fixes

6. Masks And Channels

7. Typographic Design

8. Vector Drawing Techniques

9. Advanced Compositing

10. Painting With The Mixer Brush

11. Editing Video

12. Working With Camera Raw

13. Preparing Files For The Web

14. Producing And Printing Consistent Color

15 Hours


Project Work With Illustrator and Photoshop

1. Visiting Card, Post Card

2. Logo Design

3. Poster Design, Flyer Design

4. Book Layout, E-Book Design

5. Web Banner Design, Web Icon Design

6. Digital Banner Design

7. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest Banner Design

8. T-Shirt Design

15 Hours


Working with Freelancing/Outsourcing Websites and Online Payment Wallets

1. Upwork

2. Freelancer

3. Fiverr

4. Teespring

5. Teepublic

6. Payoneer

15 Hours

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